Quote - Why Should Protect Your Privacy

- If one would give me six lines written by the hand of the most honest man, I would find something in them to have him hanged. - Cardinal Richelieu in 1641 Here are some tips to protect your online privacy Read More

The time when your money is not your - Demonetisation of 1000 & 500 Rs

- The recent demonetisation is collective punishment for honest tax payers, the poor and middle class Indians as a whole. Its impact on curtailing black money will be almost very less, and it will be known over a period of time. Black money is leagaly earned money, but on which tax has not been paid. This will create negative shock to the nation, this is already felt. Stock market is already crashing Value of rupee goes down Price rise, in general commodity Production halt in industries Business are stalled, due to no change Reprinting cost of new currency Tourism will get hurt all important peoples suffering Adani, Ambani had prior info on demonetisation, says BJP MLA Rajawat Janardhana Reddy’s spends Rs 550 crore for his daughter’s marriage 47+ is the latest count of reported deaths across India and couting Indian Rupee touched a record low of 68. Read More

Tipu Sultan restored Hindu temple that were destroyed by Marathas

- Marathas attacking temples during war was not new, remember attack and looting Sringeri monastery on 1791 and Tirupati shrine in 1759 . In 1791 the Marathas under the command of Raghunath Rao Patwardhan invaded the Mysore district of Bednur to sacked the Sringeri monastery which was under Tipu’s rule. Sringeri monastery was no ordinary place of worship. It had been founded a thousand years before by the father of Hindu Adviata philosophy, Adi Shankaracharya. Read More

Prophets and thier Ages

- Prophets and thier Ages Name Age in Years Adam 1000 Nooh 950 Shoaib 882 Saleh 586 Zakariyya 207 Ibrahim 195 Sulaymaan 150 Ismail 137 Yakoob 129 Musa 125 Ishaq 120 Haroon 119 Yusuf 110 Eesa 40 Muhammad 63 May Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon all of the Prophets Read More

Prophets of Islam and thier Orgin Locations

- Prophets and thier Orgin Locations Name Location Adam Sri Lanka Nooh Jordan Shoaib Syria Saleh Lebanon Ibrahim Palestine and died in Iraq Ismail Saudi Arabia Yakoob Palestin yahya Palestin zakariya Palestin Ishaq Palestin Yusuf Palestin Looth Iraq Ayub Jordan Hood Yamen Muhammad Saudi Arabia May Allah’s Peace and Blessings be upon all of the Prophets Read More

First they came for... Indian Version

- Here is the indian version of the famous poet, First they came for by Rev. Martin Niemöller’s First they came for the Muslims, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Muslims. Then they came for the Cristians, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Cristians. Then they came for the Dalit, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Dalit. Read More

China Slow Down

- China is seeing slowdown in the economy, during this time many nations try to mimic the China model and replicates its growth success. Everyone only think about the cheap labor which made the China growth possible. But the reality for success is cheap labor (Modi is trying to mimic this with MAKE IN INDIA) one nation, one people infrastructure its resources (China supplies more than 50% of worlds raw material demand) Price vs Quality (What you get is what you pay for) The slow down of china is not just one countries slowdown, its a slowdown of worlds production hub slowdown. Read More

Hidden History of Madras (Madarasapattinam)

- The Chennai city was called Madras even before the Europeans came, this small history is rarely told or hidden (Don’t know why?). In this article I try to capture it in short. Most of us should know the city that we know as Chennai, was once called as Madras, it also has following names. Madras (மதராஸ்) Madras (மெட்ராஸ்) Madarasapattinam (மதராசப்பட்டினம்) Chennai (சென்னை) But many should not know that it was initially called as Madrasa (மதராஸா) Read More