2017 - Important events

- January 2017 Bengaluru molestation on the New Year Eve Celebration In midnight, men in the crowd (~ one lakh+) simply went nuts. Bengaluru’s depraved men started pawing and groping at any girl they could get their hands on. Women ran for their lives. Since 90s every year incidents of girls being molested have occurred almost every year with unfailing regularity the perpetrators have never been caught. This time in 2017 its a MASS MOLESTATION, there is every indication that the perverts will get away with it. Read More

2016 - Important events

- October 2016 Yet another FAKE encounter and prison break drama In the history this incident will be know as #BhopalEncounter or #SIMIEncounter, the police version is that eight SIMI members booked in different case locked in Bhopal prison, killed a guard and escaped from prison. Later all were gunned down by MP Police’s anti-terror unit. Jail officials claim bedsheets were used to scaled a wall nearly 30-feet high Opened the locks by using toothbrushes as keys. Read More