Programming Linux from Uboot

- Short guide, from my very old notes on how to Configuring U-Boot for various Linux deployments Flashing U-Boot from U-Boot The flash range is from 0xE8000000 to 0xEFFFFFFF: 128MB. already a workable U-Boot programmed in the Flash: =>tftp 1000000 u-boot.bin =>protect off all =>erase eff80000 efffffff =>cp.b 1000000 eff80000 $filesize Then reset the board to boot it up. Configuring U-Boot for RAM boot deployment =>setenv ipaddr <board_ipaddress> =>setenv serverip <tftp_serverip> =>setenv gatewayip <your_gatewayip> =>setenv bootargs root=/dev/ram rw console=ttyS0,115200 =>saveenv =>tftp 1000000 uImage =>tftp 2000000 rootfs. Read More