Market Watch

- Jun 11, 2017 Top 4 firms lose Rs 36,772 crore in m-cap; ITC worst hit Four of the 10 most valued Indian companies witnessed a combined erosion of Rs 36,771.7 crore from their market valuation last week, with ITC and TCS taking the biggest knock. While TCS, ITC, Infosys and ONGC suffered losses, RIL, HDFC Bank, HDFC, HUL, SBI and Maruti saw rise in their market capitalisation (m-cap) for the week ended Friday. Read More

Future of India's Auto Stocks

- Today as on date Indian IT industry was at the edge of downfall, one of such outcome of it was the mass layoff and uncertian future with change in technology. IT Industry is not in this stage over night, the signs of the IT becomeing absolute is happening over the time, but the managment of the IT firms ignored them and stayed in thier comformt zone. Over time these tech gaints lame duck. Read More

Stock trading and anlysis websites, tools, libraries and apis

- Tools and sotware for stock market analysis Websites and Tools Libraires and APIs Google Finance NSE -,ATULAUTO Google Finance BSE -,532683 Resources Hacking Google Finance in Real-Time for Algorithmic Traders. (2) Pre-Market Trading. Hacking Google Finance in Real-Time for Algorithmic Traders 96 Stocks APIs: Bloomberg, NASDAQ and E TRADE Data visualization in Python using Bokeh Read More