How to Add Audio sound card support in Android

- This notes explains how to add audio sound card support in Android OS. It is assued that you have a working ALSA driver for your sound card and it is getting listed as a alsa sound card. Here is the output of registed card in a IMX6 SBC. # cat /proc/asound/cards 0 [imxaudiobtlsr ]: imx-audio-btlsr - imx-audio-btlsr imx-audio-btlsr 1 [wm8750audio ]: wm8750-audio - wm8750-audio wm8750-audio 2 [imxhdmisoc ]: imx-hdmi-soc - imx-hdmi-soc imx-hdmi-soc My aim is to integrate the wm8750audio sound card with Android OS and get it working. Read More

How to Extract Android boot.img

- Unlike system.img boot.img is not a filesystem image. It is read by the bootloader, and contains a kernel image and a tiny ramdisk image. boot.img is created using mkbootimg tool, and unpacked using unmkbootimg, these tools are part of Android source, but you can download these tools from this git Download the source and execute the make file to compile the tools Extracting/Unpacking boot.img: unmkbootimg command usage $ . Read More