This is why Thirumurugan Gandhi arrested under Goondas Act

- The candlelight march has been held every year peacefully with volunteers carrying candles and slogans supporting Lankan Tamils. For undisclosed reasons, Chennai Police did not give permission for the candlelight march on May 21. But Thirumurugan Gandhi and others marched on Marina beach and were arrested. Read More

Jallikattu 2017

- What is Jallikattu Explained What is Jallikattu explained in details by Pushpavanam Kuppusamy தைப் புரட்சியை Highligths Tweets Most remarkable thing about the #jallikattu protests is the young women staying at the beach with no fear of harassment.Delhi should learn - sonia singh I believe that in a few days an Ordinance will be issued, and a Jallikattu held If that happens I would like to come & and witness it - Markandey Katju Read More

2017 - Important events

- January 2017 Bengaluru molestation on the New Year Eve Celebration In midnight, men in the crowd (~ one lakh+) simply went nuts. Bengaluru’s depraved men started pawing and groping at any girl they could get their hands on. Women ran for their lives. Since 90s every year incidents of girls being molested have occurred almost every year with unfailing regularity the perpetrators have never been caught. This time in 2017 its a MASS MOLESTATION, there is every indication that the perverts will get away with it. Read More