Interviews that I liked

- Here is the interview/videos from the experts in the fields. This list may grow in time.. Read More

Why Learn Go Language

- Interview: Rob Pike talks about why we need Go and how it is a next-generation language for today’s modern computer environment Read More

Git best practices

- DON’T: Avoid tracking large files in your repo Avoid putting large files into your repository: binaries, media files, archived artifacts, etc. This is because once you add a file, it will always be there in the repo’s history, which means every time the repo is cloned, that huge heavy file will be cloned along with it. DO: Use shallow clones By default Git clones the repos entire history, this takes longer and longer. Read More

Open Source Mail Server Software

- Having your mail server lets you become your own mail service provider in a few easy steps. It’s sort of like making your own gmail, but one you control from top to bottom. Below list of software list helps in take back control of your email infra structure. Mail-in-a-Box iRedMail Modoboa Read More

Convert audio to and from SBC codec format in Linux

- Bluetooth Spec defines SBC (Low Complexity Subband Coding) an audio subband codec specified for the Audio transmission between Bluetooth devices and Host. SBC is a digital audio encoder and decoder used to transfer data to Bluetooth audio output devices like headphones or loudspeakers. In Linux here is the command to encode/decode a audio and send it to Bluetooth headset. For conversion a commandline tool named sox (SoX - Sound eXchange, the Swiss Army knife of audio manipulation) will be used. Read More

Bluez Headset Profile Audio Routing via SCO HCI on TI WL1271-TIWI-BLE

- This articles expalines how to enable and use Headset Profile with bluez-4.101, the audio is routed via SCO HCI (UART). I am working with TI WL1271-TIWI-BLE bluetooth module. It is connected IMX6 processor via UART. To initialize the bluetooth toggle the gpio (this step depends on the board/connection to the bluetooth module) echo 101 > /sys/class/gpio/export && \ echo low > /sys/class/gpio/gpio101/direction && sleep 1 && \ echo high > /sys/class/gpio/gpio101/direction Attach the bt UART interface to bluez stack Read More

List of open source captive portal software and network access control (NAC)

- I have listed here some open source captive portal software and network access control (NAC) systems. This list is revised on : Nov 2016 as per user comments Open Source/Free ChilliSpot Wifidog PacketFence CoovaChilli Utangle pfSense PepperSpot Zeroshell m0n0wall Kattive EasyHotSpot GRASE Hotspot BrazilFW Alcasar Closed Source/Paid FirstSpot (for Windows) antamedia (hotspot manager for windows) polkaspots MyHotspot Whizzwifi Facepoint IronWIFI Alepo WiFi Captive Portal Disclaimer: I have collected the list of captive portals/firewalls when I was working on a network products, but no longer. Read More

Learnings from Rs 500 and 1000 notes demonetisation

- Here are my top LEARNINGS from Rs 500 and 1000 notes demonetisation Spend wisely - After the announcement of demonetisation, I found myself and family living with just 2500 for entire month except the Fixed cost (like Rent, EB Bill, Mobile Recharge, BB Bill). This shows me we could my entire family can spend little and save more. Don’t keep in cash - Before demonetisation I thought not to trust bank, because it can go bankrupt or close with all your money, but the demonetisation thought never trust any thing, even currency, gold, real estate. Read More

Bluez A2DP Audio Streaming in Linux

- Get the bluetooth address of Headset using hcitool command hcitool scan Scanning ... 00:1E:DE:21:D0:85 Nokia BH-505 00:1E:DE:21:D0:85 S10 Here I have two bluetooth devices Paring and Connecting Device Now lets pair the device $ bluetooth-agent 0000 00:1E:DE:21:D0:85 Agent has been released In embedded targets bluetooth-agent is named as agent Next is to create connection to remove device sudo hcitool cc --role=s 00:1E:DE:21:D0:85 Note: Opposite cc is dc sudo hcitool dc 00:1E:DE:21:D0:85 to disconnect the bt device Read More

Working with Bluetooth in Linux (Part 1)

- Once the Bluetooth controllers are registered with the kernel, the bluetooth interface can be listed from sys entry # ls /sys/class/bluetooth hci0 rfkill Lets make sure the bluetooth device is turned on and not blocked using rfkill command. sudo rfkill list [sudo] password for mohamed: 2: hci0: Bluetooth Soft blocked: no Hard blocked: no If bluetooth device is blocked it can be unblocked sudo rfkill unblock bluetooth hciconfig hciconfig is similar to ifconfig command, which is used to list the local bluetooth interfaces information, turn up/down are more. Read More