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Some points I found on PETA, BJP and RSS connections

  • In 2000, PETA, entered into India, clamining protector of animals
  • PETA is the pomoter of VEGAN Diet
  • Thus promoted RSS agenda: cow is sacred; Cow is God, Only cow milk is good; Eating beef is SIN
  • Recently BJP Minister declared, cow is the only animal that inhales and exhales oxygen, COW DUNG neutralizes harmful radioactive elements.
  • But all BJP, PETA and RSS are silent about BEEF meat export, India is the world largest BEEF exporter.
  • Top BEEF exporting companies are owned and operated by BJP functionaires
  • But BEEF eating Indian’s are looked down, disgrased and murdered.
  • If Indian’s are banned from BEEF, then the BJP BEEF exporters will get more business
  • COW’s are not only used for BEEF, but they also extract Leather, and other extracts for paramatical and food byproducts
  • Exporter are spreading red meat (BEEF) causes cancer, BP, etc..,
  • BEEF is banned, but not Goat , fish and Chicken
  • Vegan Diet promotes eating only vegs, leafs, pulses, milk
  • Important components of vegan diet is Soya (soya is primarly imported)
  • Milk and its by products are already in the control of MNC

There are many points, the important is

Only native breeds cows are capables of producing good fertilizer

Until the native breeds are extinct it is not possible to take contorl of entire food market. Out of entire India, only Tamil Nadu has the highest number 30 of native breeds today, but once had 200+.

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