Cyclone Vardah - The wrath of nature

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The wrath of nature took us by surprise, in the name Cyclone Vardah that ravaged Chennai on Monday, December 12. The last time similar cyclone hit on 1994 almost 22 years back. It was almost war like situation in the streets and roads, the complete infrastructure was collapsed.

Cyclone Vardah, graded a very severe cyclonic storm, crossed the coast near Chennai between 3pm and 5pm on Monday, with strong winds gusting upto 140kmph, while Chennai recorded more than 10cms of rainfall.

It is exactly after 1 year after the great history flood in Chennai (December 2015), almost same timing we were forced to live on Blocked roads, no electricity and telephone connection down, mobiles without network and so on.

Power continues to be down in a number of localities in Chennai as officials work to restore transformers and electric poles that suffered damage in the rains. Telephone and mobile connectivity also remain down in a number of areas.

Here I were are obliged to thank all those involved in restoring normalcy.

  • the government, Ministers and MLA’s
  • the officials
  • the police
  • the cleaning staffs
  • TNEB and its staffs
  • rescue operations and staffs
  • volunteer, political parties and self help groups
  • India’s 3 forces
  • and many more

The people are to be praised in par with Indian army, without their work it would be impossible to walk on the streets

On the night of Dec 12, It was very scary to walk in the streets, fallen trees, broken glasses from street light and windows scattered ever where, fallen electric post. But the next day morning almost most of them were removed from main roads and streets. HATS OFF to the restoration operation.

The state govt. has learned and prepared a lot for handling the natural disaster from Dec 2015 floods.

Today I SALUTE AND THANK all those peoples worked all the night and day to the bring normalcy and peace back.

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