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This is why Gaddafi was killed

- He spoke the truth, and that too openly There is one more hot spot he touched. this happend before it was Saddam Hussain, Most every one knows what happend to Saddam. and Read More

Poison on our Plate by Ramanjaneyulu GV

- Is our food safe? A red alert question that Ramanjaneyulu, puts out to all of us. Hear him talk about the quality of food we are eating. Listen to the reasons we need to adapt to organic farming as a results of excessive use of chemical pesticides and horrifying facts and statistics, surrounding them. He alerts us to the damage we are doing to our ecological footprints. In his heart wrenching talk, Ramanjaneyulu, highlights the plight of farmers and the reasons they commit suicide and the many reasons that farmers and farming should not die. Read More

The Making Of Elon Musk

- Today we know Elon Musk as a one of the most successfull entrepreneur, then tech changer and founder of Tesla, Space X, Solar City, Underground Tunnels. But we don’t know his suffering and hardship he face before reaching this state. Read More